Who is

Stella Elkjær.

I am 47 years old and the single mother of a young man of 19 years and work as a process operator in Kalundborg

I was born in Sweden but grew up here in Denmark. I have always been a very creative person and started school singing in school choirs and later in bands with my sister. Later I found my place as a visual artist. At first, it was only for the fun of it, to pass the time while I was on maternity leave with my son. But I enjoyed painting, it was my free space..

Today it has become a part of me. I love painting and I love colors. A picture can bring joy to life, It can brighten up a home. An image full of colors can give a home a completely different impression and life.

I can't imagine a world without being able to paint. My paintings are abstract, painted in acrylic and full of colors. My primary painter's tool is the putty. With it, I build the image up layer by layer in the colors that come to mind in the process and slowly the image comes to life.

My goal with this website is to reach a wide audience and awaken people's vision for colors. My impression is that many people are afraid of colors. They are afraid images like mine with many colors would be too violent over their black sofa or neutral-colored home. I would try to change that. I wanted to show them that a colorful picture would brighten up their homes and bring life to their homes.